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Growing Together

Delta Xi Nu sorority members value multiculturalism, justice and sisterhood

Published Dec. 23, 2015
Story by Christine Jackson
Photos courtesy of Veronike Collazo

Delta Xi Nu members pose in front of tulips on Lowry Mall

Delta Xi Nu members post in front of a bed of tulips, their flower, on Lowry Mall at the University of Missouri.

Not every sorority can be found in Greektown.

The Mu colony of Delta Xi Nu multicultural sorority, which just welcomed its gamma line of members Dec. 10, was founded in 2014 by Jacqueline Thai, Jessica Hoyos, Raquel Cisneros, Yaneli Avila, Julie Dimas, Alyssa Jensen, Tiffany Melecio and Debrielle De La Haye. 

Now Thai and alpha line member Veronike Collazo are president and vice president of the organization and are working to make their mission known across campus and across town.

Because nothing like Delta Xi Nu exists on Columbia’s other college campuses, the women of DXN extended this year’s recruitment to Columbia College and Stephens College.

Delta Xi Nu members hold framed awards

Mizzou Delta Xi Nu sisters received several awards at the DXN national conference Aug. 7-9 in San Antonio, Texas. From left, Vaishali Elango (Founding Mother Award/Rena Kharbat Multicultural Leadership Award), Tiffany Melecio (Conference Award, Mission Possible & Founding Mother Award, Adrienne Magirl Women's Advocacy Award), Jacqueline Thai (Founding Mother Award, Jetje Brewton Williams Presidential Leadership Award, Jaimie Slaughter Expansion Effort Award) and Veronike Collazo (Delta Xi Nu Travel Grant Award).

No matter which campus they come from, the organization looks for women who embody the values of Delta Xi Nu. They’re looking for members interested in multiculturalism, justice, and sisterhood who are willing to grow and learn together.

“We have members from all different walks of life, who are passionate about many different issue,” Collazo says. “Some of the issues our members are passionate about are racism, sexism, islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and anti-semitism.”

Delta Xi Nu aims to be a safe space where women who may not feel safe or accepted in other parts of campus can thrive, where those with marginalized identities can find a sense of belonging.

People can find Delta Xi Nu involved with Greek, social justice and philanthropy events around campus, as well as on social media. Their sisterhood is small now, but their growing both in numbers and in their values.

The women of DXN will start up recruiting again in the spring. Those interested in joining should like their Facebook page, Mizzou Delta Xi Nu, and follow them on Instagram at @mizzou_xihoneys.

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