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Tap Day

Honorary societies reveal new members at 89th annual Tap Day ceremony

Published April 25, 2016
Updated April 29, 2016

University of Missouri honorary societies revealed new members at the 89th annual Tap Day ceremony Friday, April 22, in Jesse Auditorium. Congratulations to all!

Mystical 7
Mortar Board
Omicron Delta Kappa
Rollins Society

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Mystical 7

Mystical 7 members pose on Francis Quadrangle

Mystical 7 members pose on Francis Quadrangle. From left are Matthew Gordon, Heather Eastman-Mueller, Stephanie Shonekan, Brittani Savage, Blake Bremer, Meg Vatterott, Julia Schaller, Simona Gupta, Julie Elman, Walta Abraham and Aaric Doyle-Wright. Photo by Tiffany Melecio.

  • Julia Schaller, Columbia, Missouri
  • Blake Bremer, Springfield, Missouri
  • Meg Vatterott, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Simona Gupta, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Brittani Savage, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Aaric Doyle-Wright, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Walta Abraham, Chicago, Illinois
  • Julie Elman, honor tap
  • Heather Eastman-Mueller, honor tap
  • Stephanie Shonekan, honor tap
  • Matthew Gordon, honor tap


QEBH members pose on Francis Quadrangle

QEBH members pose on Francis Quadrangle. Photo by Tiffany Melecio.

  • Katelyn Entzeroth, Saint Charles, Missouri
  • William Vega, Savannah, Missouri
  • Sarah Vickery, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Adam Dietrich, Gilberts, Illinois
  • Briana Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sean Miller, Darien, Illinois
  • Heath Snider, Sweet Springs, Missouri
  • Aly Friend, honor tap
  • Jose Gutierrez, honor tap
  • Gary Pinkel, honor tap


LSV members pose on Francis Quadrangle

LSV members pose on Francis Quadrangle.

  • Veronike Collazo, Leesburg, Virginia
  • Ipsa Chaudhary, Columbia, Missouri
  • Breanna Parker, Chicago, Illinois
  • Sarah Rolufs, Rolla, Missouri
  • Tiana Glass, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Cristina Mislán, honor tap
  • Velma Buckner, honor tap

Mortar Board

Mortar Board members pose on Francis Quadrangle

Mortar Board members pose on Francis Quadrangle. From left, top row: Aaron Warning, Rachel Harper, Justin Dyer, Bishop Davidson, Tim Parshall, Evan Duft, Nick Bira, Garrett Romines, Julia Towler, Brittany Shollar, Carly Garrow, Mubinah Khaleel, Lydia Ely, Ryan Gavin. Middle row: Michelle Bollinger, Jessica York, Nora Faris, Audrey Marshall, Brittany Kwamin, Whitney Kwamin, Morgan Seibert, Mary Kate Kelly, Sophie Meskis, Gabriel Riekhof. Bottom row: Sam Rourke, Hai Kim, Allie Beydler, Emma Clawson, Alex Ayala, Cara Hartwig, Matt Dotson, Charlie Koors, Kate Hargis, Samantha Franks, Sasha Gubina. Photo by Tiffany Melecio.

  • Nicholas Bira, Troy, Missouri
  • Bishop Davidson, Republic, Missouri
  • Evan Duft, Highland, IL
  • Nora Faris, Concordia, Missouri
  • Carly Garrow, Wentzville, Missouri
  • Mary Kate Kelly, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Mubinah Khaleel, Columbia, Missouri
  • Brittany Kwamin, Park Forest, Illinois
  • Whitney Kwamin, Park Forest, Ilinois
  • Audrey Marshall, Harrisonville, Missouri
  • Garrett Romines, Ozark, Missouri
  • Morgan Seibert, Baldwin, Illinois
  • Brittany Shollar, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Julia Towler, Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Jessica York, Buffalo, Missouri
  • Michelle Bollinger, honor tap
  • Justin Dyer, honor tap
  • Timothy Parshall, honor tap

Omicron Delta Kappa

ODK members pose on Francis Quadrangle

Omicrom Delta Kappa members pose on Francis Quadrangle. Back row, from left: Mariah Mathews, Trey McClure, Allison Doerr, Jessica Reid, Kathleen Hinkle, Jacob Coffman, Mikko Dane Viudez, Katie Wells, Zack Newman, Brianne Schmiegelow, Jonathon McElderry (honor tap), Cory Jonak, Tanner Stitzer, and Gregory Stringfellow. Front row, from left: Shayna Painter, Elizabeth Triplett, Katherine Hayes, Devon Maguire, Libby Martin, Jillian Mullin, Michelle Murphy (honor tap), Lauren Alexander, Allison Pierce, and Erin Mikel (current member). Photo by Tiffany Melecio.

  • Lauren Alexander, Springfield, Missouri
  • Rachel Bauer, Woolwich Township, New Jersey
  • Jacob Coffman, Smithville, Missouri
  • Adam Cooley, Fenton, Missouri
  • Allison Doerr, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Katherine Hayes, Creve Coeur, Missouri
  • Kathleen Hinkle, Knox City, Missouri
  • Cory Jonak, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Devon Maguire, McKinney, Texas
  • Libby Martin, California, Missouri
  • Mariah Mathews, Weston, Missouri
  • Trey McClure, St. Genevieve, Missouri
  • Amanda Mocarski, Lisle, Illinois
  • Jillian Mullin, Lenexa, Kansas
  • Zack Newman, Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Shayna Painter, Highland, Illinois
  • Allison Pierce, Fulton, Missouri
  • Jessica Reid, St. Charles Missouri
  • Emily Russell, Bloomington, Illinois
  • Brianne Schmiegelow, Lockwood, Missouri
  • Tanner Stitzer, Moberly, Missouri
  • Gregory Stringfellow, Southlake, Texas
  • Elizabeth Triplett, Lee Summit, Missouri
  • Mikko Dane Viudez, Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Katie Wells, Sullivan, Missouri
  • Michelle Murphy, honor tap
  • Jonathan McElderry, honor tap

Rollins Society

Rollins Society members pose on Francis Quadrangle

Rollins Society members pose on Francis Quadrangle. From left are Elizabeth Consentino-Vonderahe, Nicole Monnier, Dina van der Zalm, Evonnia Woods, Ta'janette Sconyers, D. (Paul) Heddings II, Anne Cafer and Rueben Faloughi. Photo by Jesse Kremenak.

  • Anne Cafer, Bowling Green, Missouri
  • Elizabeth Consentino-Vonderahe, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Reuben Faloughi, Atlanta, Georgia
  • D. (Paul) Heddings II, Carrollton, Missouri
  • Ta'janette Sconyers, Chicago, Illinois
  • Dina van der Zalm, Greenville, South Carolina
  • Evonnia Woods, Pulaski, Illinois
  • Anahita Zare, Orlando, Florida
  • Nicole Monnier, honor tap
  • Michael Urban, honor tap

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