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Ally Adrian: SAS Student Employee of the Month

Student & Auxiliary Services recognizes classical studies student

Interview and photo by Kelsey Palmquist

Ally Adrian

Senior Ally Adrian works as a Missouri Student Unions Ambassador for MU Student & Auxiliary Services.

Name: Ally Adrian

Year: Senior

Major: Classical Studies

Hometown: Joplin, Missouri

Fun Fact: I could eat ice cream at any time of the day.

Describe your job.

As a Missouri Student Unions Ambassador, my job is to provide excellent customer service to all our guests. I handle service requests in various forms, maintain the lost and found and keep accurate logs of checked out equipment.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The Ambassador position has so many highlights, but above all, I love that this job allows me to meet and interact with all kinds of people for all across campus and beyond.

How have you contributed to a successful work enviornment at your position?

I am an effective communicator. Ambassadors do some frequent shift changes throughout the day, so it is important that we maintain continuity in order to better accommodate our guests. I always try to make sure the Ambassadors on shift after me know what is going on at the desk and in the building so they are able to provide the best service possible.

How has this position prepared you for employment opportunities?

Customer service is a huge part of all kids of industries. Above all, this job has prepared me to problem solve in difficult situations while maintaining a friendly demeanor. I think this is an extremely important life skill. I am heading to graduate school next, but I have no doubt that my experience as an Ambassador will be a positive contribution to my future in the job market.

What personal growth have you gained from this job that you feel could benefit others?

The best thing I learned from this job is empathy. I have improved my ability to empathize with guests that come to me with problems. Even if I do not immediately understand their position from my point of view, putting myself in their shoes allows me to be better at my job. The better I am at my job, the smoother everything runs!

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