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Keeling & Associates Assessment


April 26, 2018
April 20, 2018
April 13, 2018
April 6, 2018
March 20, 2018


Mizzou is conducting a comprehensive assessment of its academic and personal support programs and services for students, with the intention of providing a seamless, student-centered experience that contributes to student success and positive outcomes.

Keeling & Associates LLC (K&A) will work with Mizzou to facilitate the assessment and development of a long-term strategy in a transparent, inclusive process that will be informed by the thoughts and ideas of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students; staff; senior administrators; and faculty and academic leadership.

Two overarching perspectives will guide K&A’s work:

  • The value of well planned, coordinated, and implemented student programs and services in promoting student recruitment, retention, persistence, and success; and
  • The importance of thinking differently and embracing change in creating distinctive structures, collaborations, and methods to advance student success and broadly elevate the quality, value, and outcomes of the student experience.

Download the project brief


August 2017: Background research
September 2017: First campus visit
October 2017: External research
November 2017: Preliminary assessment and strategic analysis
January 2018: Strategic planning session, priorities identified
February 2018: Advisory and working groups formed
May 2018: Group recommendations to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Provost

Student Experience Advisory and Working Groups

Implementation Advisory Group
Academic Success
First MU Year
Residential Life Experience
Thriving and Engagement


K&A encourages us to consider the reports they have submitted as a whole and not individually; the project has engaged multiple methods of information gathering in order to give Mizzou as broad and comprehensive a set of findings as possible to help us make well-informed, strategic decisions about our student programs and services.

K&A Project Team

Richard Keeling, MD, principal and senior executive consultant
Gage Paine, JD, PhD, senior consultant and former vice president for student affairs at the University of Texas at Austin
Kyle Hutchison, senior vice president and chief of staff
Angela Harris, JD, consultant and project manager (and Mizzou alumna)
Eric Narburgh, MA, consultant and project director
Daniel Miller, executive coordinator


Ashli Grabau
Senior Assessment & Planning Consultant
Division of Student Affairs

Phone: 573-882-2014