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Student Employment

Student Affairs is the largest employer of students at Mizzou, with opportunities for all interests and backgrounds. Four out of five student employees in our division say their job is part of their college learning experience.

Our student employees have opportunity to gain valuable skills in areas including problem-solving, communication and career development. Our supervisors are committed to providing training and development opportunities to assist them in their professional growth.

Student Employee Core Competencies


Acquire and use communication skills including oral, written, and non-verbal skills in creating, expressing and interpreting information and ideas.


  • Clearly communicate through form of communication in an organized and coherent way considering appropriate language choice, volume level, and pace of speech
  • Provide supporting material to portray an effective and compelling central message
  • Understand and demonstrate customer service skills including a positive attitude, quality response to customers in a timely manner, and proactive and approachable interaction with customers
  • Seek to understand and incorporate various perspectives to utilize appropriate communication style and methods that promotes thoughtful consideration of others and to be effective in given situations
  • Awareness of non-verbal expression including body language that enhances the effectiveness of communication
  • Develop and understand quality facilitation skills to effectively engage others
Leadership and teamwork

Develop a broad range of skills and character qualities pertaining to leadership. Understand your role as positive agent of change and contribute to departmental, division, and institutional goals. Leadership is relationship oriented and situational in nature, because of this, you will learn the importance of working in a team structure.  Understand there are many ways to be a leader and adopt the concept that leadership is a process, not a position.


  • Take ownership in position and department; consistently work towards enhancing departmental goals and initiatives
  • Ability to work in a team structure
  • Able to collaborate with others
  • Able to set goals and objectives
  • Present a positive self-image
  • Hold self and members accountable
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Solve problems using critical thinking skills (analyze, synthesize and evaluate) independently and in teams. Solve problems using creativity and innovation.


  • Make decisions and independently solve problems in a timely manner
  • Independently identify relevant and missing information
  • Obtain and process relevant information
  • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data
Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Understand the importance of health, safety, and environmental management systems in organizations and your importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance. Follow organizational policies and procedures and contribute to continuous improvement in performance and compliance.


  • Demonstrate understanding of processes and guidelines within the department that provide protection for you, as well as for the facility, campus, and environment
  • Understand the implications if health, safety, and environmental management systems are not followed
  • Apply personal protective practices to daily operations in position
  • Participate in department training that emphasize proper implementation of health, safety, and environmental management systems           
Individual Responsibility

Learn self-management skills such as time management, prioritizing responsibilities, adapting to change, balancing obligations, developing plans and pursuing goals.


  • Plan ahead to avoid conflicts with work shifts regarding academic and personal obligations
  • Organize multiple tasks to accomplish all requirements efficiently and according to priority
  • Develop an alternative approach to accommodate to a change in plans
  • Establish personal and professional goals and develop a timeline towards achievement
  • Complete a project correctly and within a deadline without multiple reminders or micromanagement from supervisors
  • Take initiative to seek out opportunities  contributing to advancement and professional aspirationsThis is a required question
Career Development

Understand the importance of transferable skills. Identify and evaluate the skills you possess, as well as communicate those skills, both verbally and written. Recognize the value of your work experiences. Connect what you are learning in the classroom to your employment experiences and career goals.


  • Communicate transferable skills gained from work experiences
  • Develop a résumé that reflects transferable skills relevant to your career field
  • Reflect on work experience to inform decisions related to career development 
Ethical and Legal Responsibility

Understand the importance of professional ethics and legal responsibilities in relation to your current position and capable of transferring knowledge to future experiences.


  • Awareness of confidential information
  • Insight of acceptable information to share with those inside and outside the department/organization
  • Commit to and understand the importance of a strong work ethic
  • Comprehend and apply information gained through Title IX, FERPA, HIPAA, discrimination, ADA, Civil Rights, UM Information Security, and harassment trainings
  • Contribute to and value an ethically responsible culture
  • Understand the ramifications of not following policies and protocols for self and organization
Intracultural Knowledge, Inclusion and Equity

Become increasingly aware of and knowledgeable of your own identities and how you are impacted by your own experiences and histories. Understand how identities influence your interactions with others. Such intracultural knowledge will then be applied to daily practices that are inclusive and equitable.


  • Awareness of one’s own values and biases (ASGW)
  • Value, respect, and comfortable with differences between yourself and others
  • Recognize how one’s own identities intersect and informs one’s attitudes, values and biases Seek out educational and training opportunities to improve understanding of issues of equity and inclusion
  • Suspend judgement in valuing interactions with culturally different others (AAC&U)
Organization Responsibility

Understand how an individual role contributes to the mission of the Department, Division, and University. Recognize collaborative work requires relationships, engagement, respect for position, and others in the organization. Understand role can have direct and indirect effect on the performance, and perceptions of the department.


  • Demonstrate understanding of good customer service
  • Demonstrate understanding of organizational chart from individuation position up to place within the State of Missouri
  • Discuss what success in position looks like
  • Discuss what unsuccessful effort in position will do to the organization
  • Discuss how a position interacts with other positions in the department
  • Discuss the role of department within the Division of Student Affairs
  • Ability to navigate working environment Demonstrate skills necessary to accomplish tasks/job responsibilities required of the position

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