Jon Potochnic

Jon Potochnic

“I love doing narrative short fiction, so I try to tell a more cinematic story.”

Jon Potochnic, BJ ’22 & BA ’19

Hometown: St. Joseph, Missouri

Fun fact: “My favorite movie is ‘Blade Runner 2049.'”


Responsibilities: I shot video of student stories and campus events to highlight opportunities for student involvement at Mizzou. On the side, I picked up as much still photography experience as I could.

What I learned: Before, I was only confident of my ability to write short screenplays. Now I understand all the equipment we have. I also improved as a storyteller, in terms of production, through interviews and B-roll.

What Others Say

“The video of the chancellor’s visit to our residence halls was so helpful in demonstrating the value of Residential Life and how we’re an essential part of the Mizzou experience. Jon did an excellent job with the storytelling and the logistics of the shoot. We’re very happy with his work.” – Tyler Page, director, Residential Life

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“The variety of projects we work on keeps the job fresh. You have to be adaptable. The wide range of activities we do means I have more autonomy compared to other internships I’ve had. I’ve always had a lot of control over my projects. They train us well and give us good, transparent management.”