Julia Hansen

Julia Hansen

“This internship gave me more perspectives on what my career could possibly look like.”

Julia Hansen, BJ & BA ’19

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Fun fact: “When I was two, my hair went from brown to strawberry blonde and back again.”


Main project: Covered sports events and photographed gym users as part of social media campaign to remove “gymtimidation.” Also photographed renovations of MizzouRec facilities.

What I learned: Lighting and portraiture. This internship was a class in itself in lighting. We didn’t take a lot of portraits in J-school, so this was a whole new experience.

What Others Say

“I love Julia’s photos so much! She’s a master of lighting and timing. I really thought she captured beautiful photos that demonstrated the sense of belonging with our students.” – Laura Salerno, Associate Director, MizzouRec

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“You get a lot of guidance and feedback as well as independence. I got more supervision at the beginning and had more independence and opportunities for freedom later on. They don’t just throw you in over your head right away.”