Kristyna Kresic

Kristyna Kresic

“Student Affairs gave me opportunities to apply my classroom knowledge that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Kristyna Kresic, MA ’20, BJ ’19

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Project Manager


  • Coordinated the planning, creation and curation of digital content for Student Affairs clients.
  • Developed standards and best practices for social media management.
  • Oversaw marketing students in content creation.
  • Collaborated with graphic designers and photographers to achieve properly branded content.
  • Communicated with clients to keep all parties informed and aware of project timelines.

What I learned

  • The value of being a team player.
  • How to pass on the value of my own experience to the benefit of others.
  • The importance of empathy in the workplace.
  • Effective situational communication techniques.

Work examples

Social Media Training

MizzouRec Instagram Takeover Guidelines

What Others Say

“There are many reasons I enjoyed working with Kristyna, but I especially appreciated her self-initiative, positive attitude, flexibility and ability to learn new things quickly.” – Angela Dahman, former director of marketing & communication, Student Affairs.

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“Student Affairs is a good place to figure out what you’re interested in because you get the ability to work on such a wide variety of projects that allow you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. Student Affairs will show you the value you can lend to an organization and how you can bring that to future positions you may hold.”