Marianna Moore

“It’s a good learning experience. You’ll strengthen your writing skills a lot.”

Marianna Moore, BJ ’20

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Fun fact: “I interned in upstate New York one summer and got to see Diana Ross in concert for free. I also wrote an article about her to accompany the concert.”



  • Pitched stories.
  • Interviewed subjects.
  • Transcribed interviews.
  • Wrote stories.

What I learned:

  • How to produce stories on deadline
  • Time management
  • Interviewing skills
  • How to write profiles and round-up stories.

What Others Say

“Marianna is enthusiastic and always willing to take on a challenge. She understands the mission of Student Affairs, and she knows how to find stories that show that mission in action in the lives of Mizzou students. She’s also great to work with.” – Erik Potter, editor, Student Affairs Marketing & Communication

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“You’re expected to come up with your own pitches a lot, which is a plus, because a lot of newsrooms don’t emphasize you writing what you’re interested in. It will help you get additional internships as a writer down the road.”