Story by Marianna Moore

Incoming freshman Brennan Huser was nervous about his transition from Dallas to Mizzou.

He knew his roommate, Brett Williams, was from nearby Hallsville, Missouri, “So I was concerned with the fact that he would have other friends here and I wouldn’t be able to build that relationship,” Huser says.

But what Huser didn’t know was that he would find many common interest and hobbies with Williams. To his surprise, they clicked almost immediately.

“We both like video games, sports, general stuff like that,” Huser says. “We both were able to transition here, and he definitely helped me out in that transition.”

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Huser and Williams are in the same College of Education Freshman Interest Group (FIG). This allows them to spend time with peers who share the same career interest as themselves. Sharing the same FIG also means having some classes together, allowing Huser and Williams to bond outside of their room.

“We have become really, really close,” Williams says. “Definitely the FIG [members have] grown together emotionally, and I think it’s just because we’re hanging out all the time. We’re studying all the time. We know each other’s ups and downs, and that’s really helpful.”

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