Story by Mike Zweifel

MizzouRec members can thank Mitch Workman for keeping the equipment in good shape.
Julia Hansen/University of Missouri

Mitch Workman is one of a kind at MizzouRec: He is the only on-site fitness maintenance technician for the entire organization.

Workman is a volunteer firefighter with Boone County Fire Protection District. Photo courtesy of Mitch Workman

“I keep the equipment in good working order and to keep the wear and tear to a minimum, if possible,” Workman said. “If a piece of equipment breaks, it’s my job to fix it.”

The weight equipment is the simplest to work on, he said, while the incline trainer and ellipticals are more challenging because of the electronics and moving parts.

“I love working with everybody,” Workman said. “Getting to know the staff members and students doing what I do. You get to know a lot of the people who come in and work out on the equipment.”

His willingness to serve and lend a helping hand goes beyond MizzouRec. He has been a volunteer with the Boone County Fire Protection District (BCFPD) for more than 18 years, serving as a lieutenant for about 11 of those years.

“I have loved firefighting and helping people for most of my life. It takes a certain type of person to be a firefighter,” Workman said.

Workman never has had to use his firefighting skills while on campus, but his first responder emergency training has come in handy.

“There’s been a few incidents that have happened at the Rec where I have had to assist with certain medical issues,” Workman said.

MizzouRec offers plenty of options for the student body at work and at play. The MU Student Recreation Complex, the outdoor Stankowski Field area and other facilities provide students with ways to keep in shape, compete and relax. Learn more about MizzouRec.

He is also one of three BCFPD individuals who drives Truman’s Taxi on Mizzou football home game days. The taxi — a firetruck — drives Truman around Faurot Field before kickoff each home game. Workman has driven it for the last five years.

“It’s one of the district’s first firetrucks from 1954. It’s great on game days having kids come up to the firetruck and have their picture taken,” Workman said.

When not fixing equipment at MizzouRec or at Station 8 on Route K, Workman likes to spend time with his wife and three Labrador dogs, or he can be found bass fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks.


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