Expectations for Mizzou Students

To keep community safe, students are asked to complete required training and follow guidelines in Show Me Renewal plan

Please note: The content on this page is not the latest guidance concerning the coronavirus pandemic. It is being preserved here for archival purposes only. For the most up-to-date information, please visit renewal.missouri.edu.

Dear students,

The past few months have created significant challenges for our state, our nation and the world as we adapt to working, learning and living through a pandemic. We have heard how this crisis has affected you and how challenging it has been for you to make the most of your university experience. As we prepare for your return to campus, we want to share the expectations we have of you to not only keep yourself safe, but to ensure that we can all enjoy many in-person experiences this year.

A successful semester depends on everyone in our campus community taking the pandemic seriously and sharing responsibility in our collective health and wellbeing. If you haven’t yet, please review the student section of the Show Me Renewal website for the most current information and expectations. All of our Tigers are expected to take personal responsibility in following these safety protocols.

As a public research institution, we’re well situated to evaluate and implement science-based protocols that will make our return as safe as possible. These policies are based on university expectations as informed by city, county and state guidelines. Compliance with these policies fall under the Collected Rules and Regulations.

All students are required to complete training that will provide general guidance for our return to campus. Training is located in Canvas, the university’s learning management platform, at this link: https://missouri.instructure.com/courses/39813. The training must be completed by Aug. 24.

Please note that failure to complete this training may lead to disciplinary action. For technical support contact: (573) 882-5000 or techsupport@missouri.edu.

Your role in keeping our university community safe begins before the start of the semester. We ask that you begin to monitor your health and self-isolate at least two weeks before returning to campus.

While on campus, students are expected to take proactive steps including maintaining a social distance of 6 feet and frequent handwashing. Face coverings are required on campus in most situations — including classrooms, university buildings, common areas of residence halls and outdoor spaces when social distancing cannot be maintained. Face coverings are also required in the city of Columbia as well.

To support any potential contact tracing needs, we encourage all students to verify your contact information, including cell phone numbers, in myZou. Another easy way to access myZou is by visiting MizzouOne and typing “phone update” in the search bar.

Following these safety protocols in your daily routines will be the best line of defense to protect yourself and to maintain a healthy Mizzou community.

If you have concerns about how a fellow student is following these COVID-19 policies, please report your concerns to the Office of the Dean of Students. You can fill out a COVID Safety Measures Reporting Form here.

Note: If you are also a student worker, you will be required to complete a separate employee training module in myLearn and will receive more information in your university email from the HR Service Center.

While we can’t control the circumstances the pandemic has created, we can control our response. We know our Tigers will support each other and our community by committing to follow health and safety guidelines so we can continue to learn together and engage with one another this upcoming semester.

Fight Tiger!

Bill Stackman, vice chancellor for student affairs