For far too many students, an emergency can derail their academic success at any time of year. Those bumps along the path can leave students feeling alone, stressed and without options.

At Mizzou, we want all students to be successful and we are ready to help Tigers through a variety of resources with the Division of Student Affairs. Our resources extend beyond traditional counseling and mental wellness programs – although we certainly provide those as well.

In fact, a dedicated team under the Dean of Students of Student Accountability and Support is at the ready to help students who might have to navigate challenging situations. In the current climate, this team is working harder than ever to make sure students continue to grow during their time at Mizzou.

The Care Team is committed to assisting all students in successfully navigating the MU campus. The care coordinators take a holistic approach in supporting students. This means that they are active, empathic listeners and focus on the whole person. Their goal is to actively assist students as they tackle challenges so they do not feel alone in the process.

The Care Team does not replace counseling or therapy. Our care coordinators are trained in mental health and can play a key role in helping students advocate for themselves and prioritize their health and well-being while connecting students to counseling or other services available on campus.

Types of challenges the Care Team assists students in navigating:
• Academic challenges
• Mental health concerns
• Physical illness or injury
• Financial challenges
• Loss of family members or close friends
• Family challenges
• Property complaints

Student Emergency Fund
Now more than ever, MU students need the support of other Tigers. Parents, alumni and friends of Mizzou often ask me how they can help support students, especially in light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A great way is to support the MU Student Emergency Fund. No matter its size, your gift will make a difference in the life of a Tiger.

With unexpected changes to class structure, living situations, regular income, technology requirements, more students are depending on the MU Student Emergency Fund than ever before. This fund is housed within the Dean of Students’ office and is available to students who face an unexpected financial emergency.

These funds can be accessed for, but are not limited to the following:
• Replacement of personal belongings due to emergency situations
• Emergency/temporary housing assistance
• Medications or costs related to emergency medical care
• Assistance with food, rent or essential utilities due to an emergency
• Emergency transportation costs related to a family death or illness
• Safety related needs
• Other emergency situations that will affect students’ ability to be successful at MU

Watch this video to hear what Lori Fox, assistant dean of students and care coordinator, has to say about the how the Mizzou Care Team and the Student Emergency Fund.