From the Desk of William Stackman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Are you career planning or class planning? Do you need guidance with time management or work and life balance? Are you thinking about a degree change or grad school?

At times like this, it helps to have someone who can share their experience and guide you.

If so, you’re in luck. You now can connect with Mizzou Tigers across the country for advice, mentorship and to build your professional network.

This is a picture of a young alumna using her phone in the student center
Participants in the Mizzou Mentoring program can connect using direct messaging and email. Photo by Sam O’Keefe/University of Missouri

The Mizzou Mentoring Program matches you with Mizzou Alumni Association members from all career stages and professions.

Mentorship helps you plan ahead and launch your career. The online platform makes dynamic matches between students and mentors, who may be alumni, faculty or staff.

Here’s how it works: Mentors go into the platform and fill out a profile similar to LinkedIn, but Mizzou-specific – degree programs, student orgs, etc.

You then select characteristics from the database, including industry, region or student activities, among others.

Because the database contains mentors from across our alumni base, you can meet alumni from all stages of their career and from all professions.

The Mizzou Mentoring Program is easy to use and you can communicate with your mentor however you want.

You also might be eligible for class or graduation credit by participating. Check with your instructor or adviser to learn more.

The platform is available for free to all users, so please take advantage of this great opportunity.