Keeping our community safe

Let me be clear: The university will not hesitate to hold those flouting the rules accountable.

Please note: The content on this page is not the latest guidance concerning the coronavirus pandemic. It is being preserved here for archival purposes only. For the most up-to-date information, please visit

I want to say thank you, again, to the overwhelming majority of you who are doing your part to help keep everyone in our community safe. I see you social distancing, avoiding large gatherings and wearing your face coverings, and it means a lot to our Tiger family.

However, we are aware that parties and other blatant violations of the safety guidelines have occurred, and that is unacceptable. Let me be clear: The university will not hesitate to hold those flouting the rules accountable.

As I said a few weeks ago, students who knowingly and willfully ignore expectations regarding baseline behaviors will be subject to the conduct process. These expectations apply to all of you equally, on campus and off.

Failure to meet these expectations — particularly the ban on large social gatherings — is one cause for the continued spread of COVID-19 in our community.

To be transparent, so far, we have expelled two students and suspended three students for willful and knowing actions that threatened the safety of our campus and community. Additionally, 11 student organizations are currently under investigation for violations of the university’s policies related to COVID. We have additional cases pending that I expect will result in similar outcomes.

It all comes down to this: Think beyond yourselves — consider the impact of your behavior on others and the Mizzou community.

Our behavior will determine:

  • Whether we remain on campus this fall and next spring.
  • The future of our athletic seasons.
  • When we celebrate commencement and other traditions.

Reminder that the ban on large social gatherings includes tailgating. Last Friday, Mizzou Athletics announced that tailgating will be prohibited in all game-day parking lots and campus spaces.

I understand and empathize with the challenges you are experiencing. We know that your ability to develop a sense of community and make meaningful connections with your peers is challenged by measures intended to keep our community safe despite campus-wide efforts.

I hear your frustrations and am working with my team to identify solutions to help you create and maintain a safe and healthy social life. I welcome your ideas and involvement in making these positive adjustments.

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands, monitor your health on the #CampusClear app and wear a face covering!