More than a job

Student employees in Student Affairs support our mission in keeping students healthy, active and engaged

From the desk of Bill Stackman, vice chancellor for student affairs

As the spring 2021 semester winds down, I wanted to write a note of appreciation for the nearly 675 students who work in the Division of Student Affairs. These students serve in several roles throughout our division and play a critical role in ensuring that we have programs and resources to keep Tigers healthy, active and engaged while at Mizzou.

Some of the students work with our Office of Student Engagement, coordinating programs and events. Others work front desk roles across the five departments of the division. In some cases, they may even be working in administrative roles remotely.

Below are two brief highlights of students who keep our departments running smooth.

Meet Derrek and Feiyu!

Senior Derrek Hardy is a staple at MizzouRec, working at the student recreation complex for 11 semesters. Hardy fell in love with MizzouRec when he first toured campus and his enthusiasm for the facility is evident five years later.

Derrek Hardy points out the cardio area while giving a tour of MizzouRec
Derrek Hardy points out the cardio area while giving a tour of MizzouRec. Tours are just one part of the job at the student recreation facility.

“I absolutely love when members ask me how to use equipment or, honestly, any question,” Hardy said. “My job allows me to interact with members and providing high-quality guest services to everyone is something I pride myself in and strive for during every single shift.”

The Browning, Missouri native will soon be graduating with degrees in agriculture education and hospitality management.

“When I first got to campus, the first place I wanted to explore was MizzouRec because of its reputation,” Hardy said. “My first time stepping into MizzouRec, I was in awe of the size and caliber of the amenities it had to offer. The tour helped me understand where I wanted to work out, relax in my free time, as well as study.”

Feiyu Su from Sichuan, China will graduate in August. A journalism major, Su found a way to incorporate her love of storytelling as a writer for the Student Affairs marketing and communication department.

“The best part of working in Student Affairs is that I can apply the journalistic skills learned in class to real-world situations,” Su said. “I have many more opportunities to pitch story ideas, conduct interviews and write stories that can be published.”

Su credits her mentor, content strategist Theo Schwinke, and the other student employees on the marketing and communication team for helping her thrive while working remotely.

“Weekly meetings with Theo and the other students have helped me quickly get involved with the team. Even though it’s remote working, I feel connected with everyone else when they reply to the ‘hello’ messages and cheer achievements on Microsoft Teams.”

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