Staying focused

These resources can help you stay on track and meet your goals

From the desk of Bill Stackman, vice chancellor for student affairs 

I recently shared with you some suggestions for staying healthy this winter and tips for rebounding from a rough first semester. Today I want to let you know about some campus resources that can help you stay on track and meet your goals this semester. 

Lowry Mall
Lowry Mall is home to several resources available to Mizzou students.


MizzouOne is a simple tool that makes it easy to find resources and accomplish tasks. Just type what you want to do in the search bar. MizzouOne will return a selection of relevant apps, web pages and task centers to help you get it done.  

MizzouOne gives you instant access to the resources you need, from your first semester to graduation. Find it online or on your device’s app store. Try MizzouOne today 

University Libraries  

Not only do the libraries provide with access to books, online journals and databases, they also are ready help by chat, email and phone.  

Most undergraduate students study and do research at Ellis Library, the main library, but Mizzou also has several specialized libraries that serve specific schools or colleges. 

“Many students know that the library is a place to study, but some students may not know about all of the resources we have to help them be successful at Mizzou,” said Interim Vice Provost of Libraries Deb Ward.  

“At Ellis Library, students can get research help, meet with a writing tutor, check out video equipment, record a podcast and much more. In addition, our specialized libraries offer unique resources, and our website and chat service are available any time that students need help with their research,” Ward said. 

Care Team   

The Care Team provides one-on-one support when you are experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, personal and family emergencies, financial issues or other areas of concern.  

“We’re a good resource when you’re not sure what resources you need,” said Care Coordinator Beth Lauchstaedt. “We can help you connect with faculty, staff and other offices that can collaborate with you to ensure your needs are met. Most importantly, we aim to help you develop the skills to advocate for yourself in the larger community and beyond college.” 

Writing Center  

The Writing Center offers writing support to all Mizzou students and staff in multiple physical locations as well as through online options. Tutors come from many majors across campus and are familiar with a variety of writing styles and formats. You can schedule appointments or submit writing online via TONY, the Online Writery, or via their website. 

“Our tutors have been trained to help with any writing task, from any course or field, at any point in your particular writing process! This semester our tutors can either work with you face-to-face via Zoom or in-person options or provide written feedback to your Online Writery submissions. We hope you never write alone,” said Writing Center Director Aaron Harms.  

Read about how the Writing Center can support you 

Office for Financial Success 

Financial well-being is an important component of overall well-being. “Financial stress is real stress and can negatively affect your performance in school, not to mention your health,” said Office for Financial Success Director Jim Green. “Having some degree of personal financial literacy helps reduce that stress.”    

The Office for Financial Success offers free one-on-one consultations on topics such as student loans, budgeting, building credit and more. “We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to us with any money-related questions,” Green said. “We’re not here to judge, just here to help.”