Toward a stronger, safer Mizzou

What Mizzou is doing to strengthen the Mizzou experience, for all Tigers.

From the desk of Bill Stackman, vice chancellor for student affairs

Last fall, some of you came to me with concerns about safety on campus. I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts. These were tough and honest conversations, but I’m so grateful you trusted me with your concerns.

I personally believe that, by working together, we can ensure every Tiger feels safe, supported and empowered. That’s the Mizzou experience I want for each of you.

Today I want to share with you some of the progress we’ve made together, both within the Division of Student Affairs and throughout campus, to support a safer community — thanks to your input.

  • In the fall of 2021, the Division of Student Affairs established the Campus Sexual Violence Working Group, a standing committee dedicated to preventing sexual violence on the Mizzou campus.
  • The MU Police Department (MUPD) has updated crime notification letters to include a content warning and a commitment to hold our community members accountable for their actions.
  • A new collaboration between MUPD and MizzouRec will improve the registration process for self-defense classes.
  • Student Affairs has begun implementing a strategic plan for inclusion, diversity and equity that aligns with the Inclusive Excellence Framework.
  • The Counseling Center is preparing to move to Strickland Hall, where the staff will be closer to students who need their services. Student input has been integral throughout the process, and we are excited to welcome students to the new space this summer.
  • The newly renamed Office of Institutional Equity will provide the services and resources formerly available through the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX, as well as a host of other activities.
  • In partnership with the Office of Institutional Equity, Student Affairs is helping ensure that all Mizzou students have access to our programs.

To accomplish the rest of our goals, we are taking a three-pronged approach:

Healthy Community Initiative
We are collecting data to understand the current culture, social norms and behaviors related to alcohol and substance abuse across campus. This assessment will help us create a safer Mizzou for everyone. We recently completed the first phase of the cultural audit through a survey of our fraternity and sorority members. The next phases will collect data from other segments of the campus community.

We are striving to connect communities within Mizzou to the programs and resources available to students. Through education initiatives and in-person events this spring, we will empower students to make healthy choices. Find upcoming events.

We are stepping up our efforts and starting conversations about important topics related to health and safety, such as the dangers of hazing, alcohol safety, bystander intervention strategies and healthy relationships.

None of this would have been possible without your input, so thank you voicing your concerns. I hope you’ll continue to share your feedback with me. My door is always open to you.