by Marianna Moore

Ngozi Ibe didn’t think she was qualified for leadership roles until she started working for Campus Dining Services, but her student manager position has given her the opportunity to make new friends, build confidence and learn new skills.

Ibe is a health science major with an emphasis on pre-professional, and her goal is to one day be a doctor. She said that the skills she’s acquiring while working for campus dining will help her in whatever her future holds.

Starting as a customer service attendant, Ibe was promoted to student supervisor and eventually promoted again to a student manager. She said that working for campus dining has taught her how to be patient and how to work with a diverse group of people.

“Being able to have that opportunity to be promoted definitely helped me with my confidence and being able to help others,” Ibe said. “It really teaches you how to work with your peers on a day-to-day basis and how to work best with their strengths and weaknesses.”

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Aside from working in campus dining, Ibe is also a member of the African Student Association, on the decorative board for the Department of Theatre, a peer mentor for the Department of Health Sciences and a tutor.

“All these different organizations have taught me many different things and how to deal with people and how to deal with everyday life,” Ibe said. “I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve gotten here at Mizzou.”

Ibe said that the best part about working for campus dining is the family atmosphere. Her coworkers are not just coworkers, they’re friends as well.

“I really care about the people that I work with,” Ibe said. “Building that family and being able to still talk to them till this day, even after they’ve graduated and whatnot, it’s really what helped me stay here.”


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