“I just want you to have a good day!”

Sandy Cunningham ended our phone conversation the same way she goes about her interactions with students every day as they enter the Plaza 900 dining facility. This positive demeanor and friendly attitude has made her a kind of legend among students over the years.

a portrait of Sandy Cunningham
Sandy Cunningham poses for a portrait behind the register in Plaza 900 dining facility. Cunningham celebrated her last day on campus on Nov. 3, after 12 years on the job. Photo by Nick Wilson.

Since joining Campus Dining 12 years ago, Cunningham has had daily interactions with students and made countless memories.

“I love reading people’s t-shirts! After being here 12 years there have been so [memorable moments] that it’s really hard to pick particular ones,” she says.

“Well, it depends on what had been going on the night before. Like, today I was talking a lot more about the World Series and, of course, the weather. The weather seems to be a big one. But I tend to have a thing for each day. In other words, Monday is ‘Marvelous Monday.’ I never came up with something for Tuesday, which is the second day of the week.”

Cunningham’s last day at Mizzou was Friday, Nov. 3. While she may not come to campus every day anymore, the Mizzou community will still hold a place in her heart.

“I think we’re gonna have a good basketball season this year so I will definitely be at the basketball games,” said Cunningham. “I live in Columbia so I’m sure I’ll run into people.”

Cunningham says she doesn’t know what’s next but knows that family will play an even larger part in her life.

“Wherever life is gonna take me. But my grandkids and my kids are gonna be a big part of my life.”

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She made an effort to connect with each student and WORDS. Students were invited to sign a guestbook at Plaza 900 as a goodbye gift – and a thank you – to Cunningham.

She didn’t look at the book before her time with Campus Dining was complete, though. She says she didn’t want to think about leaving.

“I’d just like to thank the kids for letting me have a part of their lives while they were here,” she says.

Thank you for being such an integral part of our community and for always putting a smile on our faces, Sandy! We look forward to seeing you around campus in the future.