Story by Marianna Moore

Renee Yoon didn’t start out with a grand plan.

“I originally got involved in hall government because I just wanted to get involved in something at Mizzou,” says the journalism major from St. Louis.

Now a sophomore, Yoon says she was comfortable joining the hall government in her Galena residence hall because it resembled student council and other government organizations from her high school. 

Being involved with her hall has allowed her to meet friends and get to know other residents and hall government staff.

“Coming from high school, hall government sounded like student council, like student government,” Yoon said. “I thought that’s a great place to start, so I was elected as a hall representative. It’s just a great way to plan events and just talk to all the people that are interested in the same things I am.”

Through her involvement with the hall government at Galena, Yoon was able to join the Residence Halls Association (RHA). She was on the advocacy committee, and her team helps bring advocacy events to the halls. Yoon attended the National Association of College and University Residence Halls conference with RHA. The conference taught her how to be more outgoing, inclusive and how to understand the variety of residents and students who live in the halls.

Yoon said that being a part of RHA has given her the chance to meet new people and become more involved on campus. Having an open mind and not being afraid to try new things has provided Yoon with numerous opportunities.

“There’s so many more ways to get involved,” Yoon said. “There’s so many people that you’d never expect meeting, or you never expect to become close to. So, like coming in with an open mind and an open heart and be ready for everything Mizzou has to throw at you.”


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