Huong Truong
Huong Truong, graduate assistant for the Office of Fraternity Sorority Life, leads an ally training in Memorial Union Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019. Monique Woo/University of Missouri

Huong Truong, BJ ’18, came to Mizzou thinking she knew what fraternities and sororities were all about, and she wasn’t interested.

She grew up in Oklahoma in a large Vietnamese American community. When she looked for a similar group on campus, she found the Asian American Association. She noticed that many of the organization’s leaders also were members of Alpha Phi Gamma National Sorority Inc., an Asian-interest sorority that is part of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). Huong’s skepticism toward Greek life gave way to interest.

Truong’s desire to tell the stories of marginalized communities is what brought her to Mizzou, where she majored in photojournalism. She discovered that she could serve those communities through a sorority.

She also saw strong relationships. “I found sisterhood,” she says. “It goes beyond friendship. It’s a lifelong relationship.”

Huong eventually served three years as president of MGC, where she worked to make campus more inclusive.

Before long, Truong had to choose a graduate school. Kathryn O’Hagan, assistant director in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL), asked if she had considered a career in student affairs. She hadn’t. Until then.

Truong had been accepted not only into a master’s program in photojournalism but also one in educational leadership and policy analysis with an emphasis in student affairs. She chose the latter.

She now works as a graduate assistant in the FSL office, advising programs such as Greek Week and Greek Allies. Because of the trust she’s built among students, staff and administrators, she can continue making Mizzou a more welcoming place. “It’s such a fulfilling thing,” she says.

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