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Student Success Map Messages

Week of Theme Purpose Communicators
Aug. 27 Making the most of faculty office hours We know how important it is for students to engage with faculty, but many new students find this process intimidating. During this week, we want to encourage students to meet with their instructors and start building connections and relationships across campus. Advisers, faculty of first-year students, FIG PLAs, RAs
Sept. 3 Resources for success Mizzou has many resources to help students succeed, but they can’t use them if they don’t know they exist. This week, we will introduce students to various helpful people and tools on campus, why they matter, and how to access them. Advisers, RAs, FIG PLAs
Sept. 10 Student involvement Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. In this week, we want to show students how they can obtain news skills, build connections, make friends and get more from Mizzou by pursuing involvement opportunities. Advisers, faculty of first-year students, FIG peers, involvement ambassadors, RAs
Sept. 17 Off week
Sept. 24 Stress management Some stress is inevitable. This week, we’ll show students how to recognize the dangers of stress, as well as introduce them to the many services and programs on campus geared to support them throughout the semester. Advisers, faculty of first-year students, FIG peers, RAs
Oct. 1 Preparing for early registration Early registration for spring classes begins Oct. 24. This week, we will encourage students to think about what they want from their next semester at Mizzou and to make a plan to register. Advisers, FIG peers, RAs