About Student Affairs

Our Mission

The MU Division of Student Affairs provides holistic and equitable opportunities that enrich the student experience, foster a sense of belonging, and bolster students’ academic success.

Our Vision

We envision a Mizzou where every Tiger thrives and becomes a responsible, engaged citizen and leader who makes a difference at Mizzou and beyond.

Our Values

In support of the Mizzou core values, respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence, we carry out our mission by upholding the following student affairs values in the work with do with one another, our students and the Mizzou community.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

We value all our students and their lived experiences. Each student is deserving of our utmost respect and kindness. We believe that diversity is a strength. By including a wide range of students and colleagues, we gain an understanding of unique points of view that help us improve as individuals and as an organization. Through being intentionally inclusive and equitable this can be truly realized.

Sense of Belonging to the Tiger Community

We take pride in our campus community and how it embraces Tigers of all stripes. We are committed to ensuring that each student feels valued and has a place at Mizzou where they can make life-long connections; build a supportive community with us, their peers, and our colleagues; pursue their scholarly passions; give voice to their creativity through original works; and grow into responsible citizens.


Our division is centered on care for Mizzou students. Their best interests are at the heart of everything we do. We share with them the resources and opportunities they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom and guide them on their unique journeys through the Mizzou experience. We also are committed to actively asking for feedback and using that feedback to improve the student experience.

Healthy Organization

This value is central to our division’s success. We do our best work for our students and the Mizzou community when our team is healthy and thriving. Our healthy organization stands on five pillars: trust, compassion, stability, hope, and growth, which we intentionally center in our work with one another.

Health and Well-Being

We value our students’ physical and mental well-being and know this is essential for our students to be successful. We provide resources and services to support their well-being. We give them opportunities to pursue healthy activities, foster peace of mind, and build good habits for life.

Responsible and Accountable

We nurture wisdom and experience in our students. We support them in making good decisions that aid in their personal and academic goals. We hold them accountable for their actions and give them opportunities to remedy and learn from their mistakes. We are accountable and commit to be good stewards, educators, and leaders by honoring the trust that families and students put in us to nurture and educate our students.

Transparency and Honesty

Because we value our students’ pursuit of truth in their scholarly and personal lives, transparency and honesty on our own behalf is essential. We are forthright with our students, with each other, and with our Mizzou community, to whom we are ultimately responsible.