About Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to designing exceptional out-of-classroom experiences to help Mizzou students succeed on campus and after graduation. Our priorities are student success, emotional well-being, diversity and inclusion, and healthy organization. Our work stands on the pillars of trust, compassion, stability, hope and growth.

Student Success – We deliver the highest quality of student experience. To do that, we need to examine practices and policies that affect our organization and, when they need updates, change them.

Students’ Emotional Well-Being – This is critical to student success and to the Mizzou Strategic Plan. It is why we continue to invest in the MU Counseling Center and in resources like the Dean of Students’ Care Team, and why Vice Chancellor Stackman’s door is always open to students and families with concerns.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – We want Student Affairs to be a campus leader in creating and sustaining an environment that acknowledges and celebrates diversity of all students. In December 2021 we finalized our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action (IDEA) Strategic Plan which identified the following priorities:

  • Reduce barriers to the ability to thrive as an inclusive and equitable campus community.
  • Improve student success, learning and development by providing support, programming and services which recognize unique cultural and social needs of all MU students.
  • Improve underrepresented staff representation, retention and support.
  • Cultivate mental health and well-being of underrepresented professional staff.
  • Enhance accessibility for staff and students.
  • Support the development of meaningful, learning-centered student demonstrations and free expression. 
  • Improve IDE learning and development for students participating in student affairs programs and services and for Student Affairs staff.

Healthy Organization – stands on our five pillars of trust, compassion, stability, hope and growth. Let’s lean on these to see how they can help us work together and achieve our priorities.

  • Trust - we treat one another and our students with honesty and integrity. It means we trust one another to be responsible caretakers of Mizzou’s reputation. We count on one another to represent the university in a professional manner and to provide only accurate information. It means we are respectful of one another’s time, resources, knowledge and the hundreds of unseeable differences that make us unique.
  • Compassion – we demonstrate caring in large and small ways, that we acknowledge the inherent value in one another. Through compassion, we create a culture of customer service that we provide to one another and our students. We resolve disputes and address concerns effectively within our team and with students.
  • Stability - we feel secure in our jobs and in our mission. We will be flexible and adapt as necessary to achieve our objectives; at times that may call for a sense of urgency. We will build on our strengths and focus our energy on programs that lead to excellence.
  • Hope - we have faith in the direction we are headed as a division. We are a team, each of us with responsibilities that are essential to the important mission of the university.
  • Growth - we grow stronger and more resilient as a division. It also means the professional development and personal growth of each of us as individuals. We review our policies and procedures to ensure they meet current needs. Growth means that we are learning.   

Awards and Accolades

Vice Chancellor Bill Stackman to serve on James E. Scott Academy board for the National Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). He is the first University of Missouri representative to serve in this role. Stackman’s term will run from March 23, 2021, to April 4, 2023. Read more.

MU Disability Center named Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball Coach Ron Lykins and the MizzouRec staff as 2021 Henson Access Mizzou Award Winners. Read more.

Scott Henderson, medical director of the Student Health Center, was recently inducted as a fellow into the American College Health Association, for his exceptional service and commitment to the field of college health. Read more.

The MU Faculty Achievement Award in Diversity recipients are chosen by a panel of student leaders each year.