Dean of Students

The Dean of Students’ office is committed to helping students connect to the resources needed to be successful at Mizzou. Our office plays a central role in overseeing programs and services that promote student thriving and engagement outside the classroom. We encourage growth and exploration, provide care and promote accountability through the following offices and programs:

What We Do

Dean of Students staff work collaboratively with student government, student organizations and campus partners to create to involvement, leadership and personal development opportunities.

  • Student Engagement and Activities
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • The Dean of Students Office also serves as a liaison to the Association of Campus Religious Advisors (ACRA). ACRA members advise Mizzou’s 40 plus spiritual and religious student organizations. This role supports the MU Strategic Plan “Build and continually strengthen, in all university programs, a diverse, safe and inclusive culture than encourages and rewards interaction across demographic, social and interpersonal differences.”

In working to support students, faculty, staff and families, Dean of Students staff work collaboratively with various campus offices to ensure students are connected to the necessary resources.

When appropriate, we help others establish relationships with staff to utilize these services within the university community or the Columbia area.

  • Care Team
    • Connects students to a broad network of resources, support services and programs that address the academic, personal and social needs.
    • Provides education about resources, referrals and support to faculty, staff, families and external community partners.
  • Student Crisis
    • The Dean of Students office works with campus units and families in the event of a student crisis or student death. The dean of students serves as the primary point of contact to reduce confusion and burden on the family during a difficult time.
  • The dean of students chairs the at-risk committee, a group of experienced campus professional from student and behavioral health, counseling, wellness, law enforcement and student accountability.
  • Student Emergency Fund
    The dean of students has a small emergency fund available for enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The maximum amount of money that can be requested from the student emergency fund is $250 per student, except in exceptional circumstances approved by the dean of students or the vice chancellor for student affairs. Funds can be accessed for, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Replacement of personal belongs due to an emergency situation
    • Emergency/temporary housing assistance
    • Medications or costs related to emergency medical care
    • Assistance with food, rent or essential utilities (gas, electric, water) due to an emergency
    • Emergency transportation costs related to a family death or illness
    • Safety related needs (e.g., changing a lock)
    • Other emergency situations that will affect a student’s ability to be successful at MU
    • Generally not allowed: Tuition/fee payments, monthly cell phone bills, fines/tickets, non-essential utilities

Email to apply

The dean of students creates a culture of mutual accountability by promoting individual student growth and development:

  • Office of Student Accountability & Support: We realize that some students may encounter a few bumps on the path to maturity and responsibility. At the University of Missouri, we want all of our students to be successful and we are ready to help by providing the appropriate resources.
  • The Dean of Students also serves as the chancellor-delegated equity resolution appellate officer for the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX student appeals.

  • Mizzou Families offers resources and programming to partner with family members of our students to assist them in supporting their student at the University of Missouri.
  • Off-Campus Student Services provides resources and educational opportunities for students that who are considering or are currently living off-campus.

For most areas of concern, the Dean of Students’ office will work directly with the student. Please let us know if you have issues with the following.

Have you witnessed a student or student organization violating the university’s Standard of Conduct, including alcohol and drug violations, disruptive conduct, vandalism, and/or hazing? Please report violations to the Office of Student Accountability and Support through the link below.

Report an Incident

Do you know a student who needs additional support in overcoming life challenges? Family emergencies, financial hardship, returning to campus after hospitalization, housing or food insecurities — these are just a few difficulties with which the Care Team can assist by connecting students with resources and helping them navigate university systems and policies.

Refer Student to Care Team

If you see or know of an MU student whose behavior is distressing, disruptive or potentially harmful, please report your concern through the link below to MU’s Student At Risk Committee, which will assess and respond to the concern.

File Student At-Risk Report

If you have concerns not addressed above, please visit this page for more options.

For general concerns about student safety or behavior, please contact the Dean of Students’ office directly.

Office of the Dean of Students
University of Missouri
2202 MU Student Center
911 East Rollins
Columbia, MO 65211

Phone: 573-882-5397

Dr. Michelle Froese
Interim Dean of Students
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