Reporting Concerns

The University of Missouri is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and ethical learning environment in which our campus community can live out our values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence. Anyone — staff, faculty, alumni, community members, parents and other family members — can help by reporting many types of concerns about a student:

Emergency, Immediate Threat

Dial 911 when you need police, fire or emergency medical services.

If you are calling from out of town about an emergency on campus dial 573-882-7201 to reach the MU Police Department (MUPD) dispatch.

If you are concerned about a student and are unable to make direct contact or the student presents an immediate threat to themselves or others call MUPD at 573-882-7201 to request a Crisis Intervention Team officer for assistance. Officers will make contact with the subject of concern and conduct a brief assessment regarding safety and mental health resource needs. When appropriate, officers may transport the student to University Hospital/MU Psychiatric Center (MUPC) for immediate psychiatric evaluation.

Non-Emergency Crime or Suspicious Activity

Non-emergency crime or suspicious activity can be reported to the MUPD by calling 573-882-7201 or anonymously through Silent Witness.

Non-Emergency Student Safety Concerns and Threatening Behavior

If you see or know of an MU student* whose behavior is distressing, disruptive or potentially harmful, please report your concern through the link below to MU’s Student At Risk Committee, which will assess and respond to the concern.  If you have questions about filing a report, please call the Dean of Students office at 573-882-5397.

File a Student At-Risk Report

*If you believe that an MU employee might be a threat to self or others, please call MU Campus Human Resources at 573-882-7976 or MUPD at 573-882-7201.

Mental Health Crisis or Consultation Needs

Consultation is available any time you are concerned about the emotional well-being of a student, including when they have expressed thoughts of suicide or harm to others.  Crisis support is available to any student who is unable to cope alone or who finds their usual ways of coping are no longer working.  Access consultation or crisis support by calling or going to the MU Counseling Center at 573-882-6601, 119 Parker Hall, during business hours or by phone after hours.  Contact MUPD at 573-882-7201 to request a wellness check when a student has expressed intent to attempt suicide or harm to others.  Please request a Crisis Intervention Team officer if available.

Sex-Based Violence

MU does not tolerate sex-based violence, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, domestic or dating/intimate partner violence, stalking on the basis of sex, and sexual harassment.  If you have experienced sex-based violence, learn about your rights and options for care, support and reporting.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

If you need immediate assistance related to a sexual assault, call the 24/7 Crisis Hotline 800-548-2480 at True North Shelter.

Reporting may be done via email (, phone at 573-882-3880 or the online link below.

File a Civil Rights/Title IX Report

Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation

MU prohibits discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, disability and veteran status.  MU also prohibits retaliation for making or supporting a report of discrimination or harassment.

Reporting of discrimination, harassment or retaliation may be done via email (, phone at 573-882-3880 or the online link below.

File a Civil Rights/Title IX Report

Behavioral Misconduct

Have you witnessed a student or student organization violating the university’s Standard of Conduct, including alcohol and drug violations, disruptive conduct, vandalism, and/or hazing?  Please report violations to the Office of Student Accountability and Support through the link below.

File an Incident of Misconduct Report

Hazing Policies

The University of Missouri encourages all students, faculty, staff, and community members to report incidents of hazing, which violates university policy, state law and individual fraternity and sorority policy. Please report violations to the Office of Student Accountability and Support through the link below.

File a Hazing Report

Non-Emergency Student Concerns

Do you know a student who needs additional support in overcoming life challenges?  Family emergencies, financial hardship, returning to campus after hospitalization, housing or food insecurities—these are just a few difficulties with which the Care Team can assist by connecting students with resources and helping them navigate university systems and policies.  Students can schedule a Care appointment using MU Connect or by calling 573-882-5543.

Refer a Student to MU Care Team

Academic Dishonesty

Instructors are required by the faculty bylaws to report to the Office of Academic Integrity any suspected acts of academic dishonesty by students.  Students should report any suspected acts of academic dishonesty to the instructor as soon as possible.  The instructor will determine whether to submit a report.

File an Academic Dishonesty Report (for instructors)

If you’re not certain where or how to report a concern, please call the Dean of Students Office at 573-882-5397 for guidance.