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Donald F. Graham Leadership Scholarship

Recognizes students who go exceed expectations in contributing to their residence hall community while maintaining academic excellence in their course of study.

Award: $2,000

You may be eligible for this scholarship if:

  • You are a Mizzou student;
  • You have completed at least one semester at Mizzou;
  • You are living in a residence hall next year;
  • You are actively involved in your residence hall community; and
  • You can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Apply for the Donald F. Graham Leadership Scholarship


About Donald F. Graham

Donald F. Graham, one of the Grahams for whom Defoe-Graham Hall is dedicated, served students through Residential Life for more than 40 years.

Graham was hired as a personnel assistant (a student staff member) in 1956 after serving in the U.S. Air Force. As a student,  Graham was a resident of Graham Hall and played on the King House bowling team.

After graduation, Graham remained with Residential Life and retired as the associate director in 1997. He helped establish the MU Chapter of Men’s Residence Halls Association (the predecessor to RHA) in 1957 and was a charter member of MU’s Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics Booster Club (coincidentally, the first in the nation) in 1975. He was tapped by QEBH in 1972 and received the Mick Deaver Award in 1982.

Most importantly, Graham fostered caring, educational and fun relationships with students and staff. Student staff remember him as being someone you could go to for advice and who would provide firm, realistic feedback, someone who would take a chance on you, someone who would teach you principles you would use throughout your own career.

Residential Life and the Graham family are pleased to award a scholarship in Graham’s memory. The Donald F. Graham Leadership Scholarship is an endowed scholarship awarded to students who have made outstanding contributions to their residence hall community at the University of Missouri. The scholarship provides recognition to a student who has gone above and beyond normal expectations, contributing significantly to their community within the residence hall, while maintaining academic excellence in their course of study.

This $2,000 scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Missouri. The non-renewable award will be issued only to a student who currently resides in a residence hall and who will reside in a residence hall the following year. In the event the student is unable or unwilling to meet this residency requirement, the award will be forfeited. While students who hold student staff positions currently or next year are encouraged to apply, primary consideration will be given to students not holding these positions.