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The Associated Students of the University of Missouri

From the columns to the capitol.

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) advocates and represents fellow University of Missouri system students with Missouri lawmakers and Mizzou administrators. By tackling issues like funding for higher education, mental health initiatives, college affordability and moreASUM empowers change across all of University of Missouri campuses. 

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Molly Miller

She/Her | Senior
Majors: Journalism and International Studies (International Studies)
Hometown: Denver, CO

Molly is a Senior from Denver, CO studying Journalism and International Studies with an emphasis in Peace Studies. As the President of the ASUM, she is responsible for guiding the overall direction of the chapter as well as representing Mizzou’s students on the ASUM Board of Directors. This year, Molly aims to expand ASUM programming and initiatives ahead of the Presidential election next November. Molly was previously the Vice President of the Missouri Students Association and is a member of Pi Beta Phi. She also currently serves as a student advisor for The Interdisciplinary Migration Studies Institute.

Headshot of Molly

Vice President

Vishvi Aurora

She/Her | Junior
Majors: Biological Sciences and Physics
Hometown: Columbia, MO

Vishvi Aurora is a Junior majoring in Biological Sciences and Physics. Vishvi is a dedicated individual and her involvement has equipped her with the necessary skills through her experiences to benefit the Mizzou community. She would like to look back on her time at Mizzou and reflect on the impact that she made on the community.

Headshot of Vishvi

Director of Communications

Shanley Silvey

She/Her | Senior
Majors: Strategic Communications and Political Science
Hometown: Columbia, MO

Shanley Silvey is a Senior from Columbia, Missouri studying Strategic Communications and Political Science with minors in Constitutional Democracy and Spanish. She serves as the 2023-2024 Communications Director for ASUM. Shanley joined ASUM this year to help encourage Mizzou students to get involved in important advocacy issues like voting.

Photo of Shanley

Undergraduate Representative

Cody Jenkins

He/Him | Sophomore
Majors: Political Science (Pre-Law), Public Administration and Policy and Economics
Hometown: Nevada, MO

Cody is a Sophomore studying Political Science, Public Administration and Policy, and Economics. He stays engaged on campus serving in multiple leadership roles, such as Fiscal Chair for the Missouri Student Association Senate, Vice President and Director of Operations for Mizzou Moot Court, and Assistant Chief Justice for the Residence Halls Association. Cody is passionate about civic education and civic engagement, as well as being a huge Taylor Swift fan!

Headshot of Cody

Graduate Representative

Hope Edwards

She/They | 2nd year Graduate
Majors: Data Science and Analytics
Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Hope is a 2nd-year master’s graduate student from Kansas City, MO studying Data Science & Analytics with an emphasis in Human Centered Design. As the Graduate Representative of the ASUM, she is responsible for making sure that graduate voices are represented at ASUM. This is the 2nd year they are the Graduate Representative at ASUM and a member of the Graduate Professional Council as the Director of State Affairs, along with being a member of Mizzou 2, and a peer mentor for the Disability Center. They are also the graduate representative for two committees, with those being the Student Health and Wellbeing Committee, and the Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

Photo of Hope

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