Faces of Mizzou: Felix Wang

Junior Felix Wang finds his place at Mizzou through making people laugh. 

Felix Wang performs with MU Improv
Felix Wang, center, performs with MU Improv. “MU Improv is great because it gives me space as an artist,” Wang said.

Video by Jackson Estwanick

“Getting involved is a way to be better as a person and grow more,” said Felix Wang, a junior from St. Joseph. “My favorite part about Mizzou is the organizations which I’m in, particularly MU Improv, which I’ve been highly involved in since I was a freshman.”

“I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and telling people stories,” he said. “When I saw that Mizzou had a variety of comedy clubs, I thought, ‘This is something that really fits with what I enjoy doing with other people.’”

“MU Improv has given me better social skills and abilities. When you’re working with improv, you’re having a conversation. You have to listen to the other person. Those skills are applicable to the real world,” Wang said. “It’s something that’s been really useful to me throughout all these years of college so far.”

Wang encourages other students to explore involvement opportunities on campus. “I’m a big advocate for getting involved. Why not do it? There’s nothing you can lose and so much you can gain,” he said. “All these clubs are so welcoming and friendly. They want to have you there. If something interests you, check out their meetings.”

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