Filling buckets

CAPB daytime programming production chair shares her love for campus activities.

Video by Jackson Estwanick

Megan Boyd wasn’t aware of the all the opportunities the Campus Activities Programming Board (CAPB) offered until she became CAPB’s daytime programming production chair.

“When I started joining orgs and started going to events and got this job, I was like, ‘There’s so much to do on campus! It’s kind of amazing!’” she said.

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Campus activities are essential to the college experience, said the chemistry major from Imperial.

“If you come here and just go to college, you can get drained so quickly,” she said. “It takes away that stress of being here just for school. I can take time away and just focus on myself, my mental health and enjoy being a young adult.”

For Boyd, involvement is its own reward. “I love my coworkers. They’re some of my best friends,” she said. “I like working and seeing how everybody is smiling and how it brings everybody together on campus.”

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