Work life balance

MizzouRec employees find purpose and community on the job.

Maddie Cranny
Working for MizzouRec was a natural choice for Maddie Cranny. “In high school, I was just involved with a bunch of sports. I love basketball, I love running,” she said. Sam O’Keefe/University of Missouri

By Jesse Berlin

If you visit MizzouRec with any regularity, you’ve probably met Maddie Cranny. The sophomore may have swiped you in or helped you check out equipment.

“I love working at the Rec,” Cranny said. “I love seeing people.”

Likewise, you may have met senior Andrew Peterson if you ever stopped by the front desk with questions about your MizzouRec membership.

“It’s been a really nice job,” Peterson said. “I always feel nice when I can help someone’s day.”

Working at MizzouRec has given Cranny and Peterson the opportunity to pursue meaningful work they enjoy as well as a sense of community.

“Before shifts, everyone’s talking about their day, talking about their classes and really connecting in a way that I just didn’t expect,” Cranny said. “When I’m struggling with school or really stressed out, I know that the people who I’ve met through the Rec are there to support me and are willing to help me.”

“It’s a positive workplace environment,” Peterson said. “All the staff members are very trustworthy and able to help you out. … The leaders that we have are so respectful and kind to us. They want you to succeed.”

Peterson said the job has also helped him academically. “I actually think my grades have gotten better because I’ve been more engaged and surrounded by individuals on campus I go to classes with,” he said.

Cranny agreed. “Working an on-campus job, your academics is the priority,” she said. “I’m able to work with the flexibility of the job and still prioritize being a student at the same time.”

Cranny appreciates the skills she’s learned. “I learned a ton about accountability, organization, being flexible. Those skills will help me, regardless of what career I go into,” she said.

For the two MizzouRec employees, their jobs provide a sense of community as well as opportunity to pursue work they are passionate about.

“You make all these friends. You get to connect with all these people,” Cranny said. “The community and the flexibility. Really, I would strongly recommend this job for those reasons.”

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