Professional Development

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Missouri is committed to the professional development of each and every staff member. While intentional efforts should be ongoing and throughout the academic year, we recognize the need to support staff in a myriad of opportunities outside the department as well.

Below is a summary of benefits to the employee, Division and University; expectations for participating in  professional development opportunities; and an application for seeking approval. A fair and equitable approach will be used to annually disperse limited funds.

Request Professional Development Funding

Value Added to the Employee

  1. Required licensure, certification, and credentials related to one’s job.
  2. Continued educational credit related to one’s job.
  3. Opportunity to develop professionally.
  4. Opportunity to obtain key knowledge and information related to one’s job.
  5. Opportunity to help the Division and University reach the next level of excellence and become cutting edge within the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education.
  6. Opportunity to present locally, regionally and nationally.
  7. Opportunity to engage in a number of professional associations, committees, task forces and groups.
  8. Ability to network, create a professional community, and build relationships with peers and colleagues.
  9. Supports professional advancement.

Value Added to the Institution

  1. Enhanced ability to recruit high-quality staff.
  2. Enhanced ability to support and retain staff.
  3. Opportunity to increase the awareness and reputation of both the Division of Student Affairs and the University of Missouri.


  1. Select opportunities that supports one’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) plan.
  2. Actively engage in sessions, meetings, presentations, trainings and/or social interactions.
  3. Identify a plan for sharing information upon return and giving back to the Division and University.

Request Professional Development Funding