Sol Feinstone Scholarship


Sol Feinstone arrived at Ellis Island in 1902 with one penny in his pocket.

A Lithuanian immigrant who arrived in America determined to succeed was a true believer in the American dream. While working in New York City’s sweatshops, Sol spent much of his initial pay taking evening classes to master the English language. His commitment to education continued when, at 23, he began forestry studies at the University of Missouri then continued on to receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry from Syracuse University. Sol accumulated a small fortune in Philadelphia real estate after working for several years at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. For nearly 50 years, Sol used his fortune to acquire the letters and manuscripts of America’s founding fathers. Feinstone then gave his collection to the American people. The Sol Feinstone Collection comprises nearly 2,500 manuscripts documenting the founding years of the United States.

Sol Feinstone is remembered for his patriotism and true dedication to preserving the core foundation of America through the Sol Feinstone Scholarship. The Sol Feinstone Scholarship is granted each fall to University of Missouri students who have shown excellence in their leadership potential, campus/community involvement, and academic strength.

The Scholarship

  • 2 – $500 Sophomore Scholarships
  • 1 – $500 Junior Scholarship
  • 1 – $500 Senior Scholarship


  • Must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours during the Fall semester
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.9 or higher
  • Must not be a past recipient of the Sol Feinstone Scholarship
  • Must have leadership and campus/community involvement experience
  • Must submit completed application and supplemental materials by stated deadline.
  • To be classified as a Sophomore, must have completed 30 credit hours or more (not including current semester enrollment)
  • To be classified as a Junior, must have completed 60 credit hours or more (not including current semester enrollment)
  • To be classified as a Senior, must have completed 90 credit hours or more (not including current semester enrollment)
  • The Sol Feinstone scholarship application is available each fall.

Apply for the Sol Feinstone Scholarship

For questions, please email or call 573-882-8585.

format_quote I believe that leadership and service are important for any college student because those experiences will no doubt translate into our future careers and ultimately the kind of people we become. I think it is great that the Sol Feinstone Scholarship reinforces and recognizes that importance. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! format_quote
Melissa Willoughby, Sol Feinstone Scholarship Recipient, 2013